Commissions are always great, but even more exciting when we can do lots at once! Esme and I used to work together at a Children’s Centre and have both ended up changing the way we work. We wanted to make it fit better with family life and do the things we love. So imagine my excitement when she got in touch to order gifts for 4 family members at once 🙂

She had been browsing our gift shop but also had some ideas of her own so we chatted about the gifts she needed and how we could make them into special presents for her loved ones. One was a birthday present and the other was for an anniversary. After some discussion about the options Esme chose a pint glass with a phrase engraved onto it and 4 coasters with special dates / phrases on about key times in the couple’s lives.

Some brilliant gift ideas 🙂 This then got her thinking about what else she could get ready for the other birthdays coming up in her family. We went on to discuss a glass engraving for someone who prefers not to drink beer.

This was not something we made at the time but we are always up for a new present idea! We discussed what would work best in our machine and what would be enjoyed by the recipient of the gift and came up with a tall Pimms glass.

We started making these unique presents and Esme carried on browsing! She came back to us with an order of a kid’s baking set so that all birthdays and celebrations for the next few months were covered. What great planning and what a great result from some collaborative thinking 🙂

Why not browse the gift shop and start thinking about the occasions we could help make even more special for you?

Author: Catherine Gray