Claire is a returning customer who has bought teacher gifts from us throughout the school year. It began at Christmas when she was in need of some class gifts for some great teachers. We told her about the personalised baubles in our shop. They come in gold or silver and you can edit the wording to create the perfect gift. They work well as a gift from an individual child or as a little extra from the whole class.

Then in June, we started talking about other options for end of year teacher gifts. We have a range of presents which are always available but that you may not have considered at Christmas as they aren’t so seasonal / sparkly!

Claire had seen our personalised rulers and coasters on Instagram. These are discounted when you order 3 or more as we know you often have multiple teachers and teaching assistants to buy for. She ordered 3 coasters and 3 rulers, discussed the wording on them and we started making her special gifts. Throughout this process we sent Claire pictures of the designs and the options available so that we could make sure she got exactly what she wanted for a great goodbye and thank you gift.

We all know how hard teachers work and what an incredible job they do with our kids so lets make sure they know how much we appreciate it 🙂
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Author: Catherine Gray