It’s me.

The person who is meant to have it all figured out.

Except that I don’t.

Nowhere near.

But I do have big dreams…to have a job I love whilst still seeing my husband and kids a lot. To be able to enjoy my home life as well as my work life. To be able to relax and see my friends whenever I want. To change the place that I live in for the better. To have fun, to work hard and to see things improve for everyone.

But I’m also the person who couldn’t wait to be a stay at home mum;
who got married at 19 and had ten years of regularly changing jobs, cities, countries. The person Who struggled to have a baby, got postnatal depression, got better, had another baby, didn’t sleep for 4 years and then decided I couldn’t wait any longer to chase my dreams when it came to work.
That was confusing!

I’m the person who gets EXCITED.
About everything.
Who regularly gets told to slow down, choose one thing, stop doing everything at once.
But I can’t.

I choose to want better. To constantly be learning, improving myself, searching for answers to problems, new ways of doing things. Not settling for the life our society seems to be suggesting I should have, where things don’t add up and are skewed in the favour of a few. This isn’t just about me. It’s about you. It’s about us. And finding a way we can have enough money and time for fun whilst also being able to look after our families and those around us. We’re fed up of working 24/7, never seeing each other and finding life too hard. Let’s shake things up a bit. Do things that are a bit scary and risky but might just change the world.

So here we are, with 2 small boys, 2 small businesses and big plans to live life in a better way. I can’t wait to tell you all the things we have in the pipeline and all the things that happened to bring us to this place. But for now, I’m going to leave you here with our hopes for the future through UpsideDown Creations…

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Author: Catherine Gray